Globalization has made it mandatory for communication, contracts and documentation to be prepared in different languages in order to operate our business, and take it to the global market. Your need for translations requires expertise and preciseness to reach to the customer. We translate and localise content in a wide range of formats and domains. Languages offered are English to Indian as well as many foreign languages and vice-versa.


We offer general translations in which we keep the language simple so that even a layman can connect to the context. Use of any technical or specific terminology is avoided. Few examples of General Translation are travelogues, news articles, job applications and private or business letters.


We provide software localization which includes translation of softwares in the required languages so that it can be used by a wider section of the society.


We also provide translation  of a website for a specific locale. This is very important for someone looking to take their business on the global platform.

Completion and delivery of language translation services would be determined on an individual basis depending on the scope and complexity of the original text.  Machine translation is not recommended as it will fail to echo the real meaning and sense of the original text.  Proper understanding of the language is required for effective and accurate translation. 


Our translators will help in creating a close connection with your clients by making sure that your documents say exactly what you want them to say. Translation being a human endeavour, errors become unavoidable and therefore review of translation quality is mandatory. So quality analysis and review are an integral part in our work.


Our translation set up


We have an in house setup of  25 qualified professionals for translations, transcriptions, subtitles, open and close captioning. We have subtitled thousands of hours of movies and television programs for all leading media houses in the country. Translated subtitles provide the essential meaning of the dialogue within the time constraints of the on-screen video, maintaining a comfortable reading pace for the viewer allowing them to watch the video as well.


Our translators understand their job perfectly and provide the appropriate words that convey the right meaning in the required domain. They are native speakers of the target language, completely fluent in the source language, and highly experienced in the art of translation. The translation is done by a native translator well-versed in the language and then  reviewed by a proof reader and errors if any are resolved before submitting to the client.


In addition to the above, our translation team consists of  more than 100+ free lancers working for us in various languages across the country and also from abroad.  Our translators' subject-area specialties will match your requirements and will provide the most relevant translations. We cover thousands of fields, from advertising to zoology and make sure that the terminology and style will be right.


Our best asset is our team which works united like a family. All of us are passionate and proud about our work. We strive hard to see that people all over the world have access to data and media beyond any borders and help you to achieve worldwide reach. This 100+ team of ours is continuously increasing due to our good and satisfied clients.



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Laxminarayan Singh (MUMBAI Office)

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Nikesh Bheda (Malaysia office)

A-08-05, Eco Sky, No 972, Batu 6 1/2,

Jalan Ipoh,  KL 68100, Malaysia.

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